Wednesday, April 21, 2010

all day long you'll have good luck

I love turning over pennies so they are heads up.
I secretly hope it will turn someone's day around if they pick it up.
What silly little things do you like to do?

I'm thinking about doing a formspring post if I get enough questions so...
Enter any thought into the box on the left column and I'll answer it!

*A special thank you to my 100th follower!*

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Audra said...

ill never forget how my grandfather used to get the biggest kick out of paying for a few cars behind him when he stopped at toll booths. he'd chuckle to himself for the rest of the car ride. but that was before easypass...

Anna said...

Thank you so much for your visit and comment. I love your blog style and all the information you offer.

Mouthwash said...

you turn pennies face up? so cute! I love it. Hmm..I'm sure I have a weird a quirk - but I just can't bring one to mind.

great blog!


Nicole Jarecz said...

great blog! i love all of the content :)

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Pennies face up? Reminds of a game my sister and I played in infancy. xx

valonia irene said...

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love your blog :)
mind to exchange link anyway?

Jesica Kulesz said...

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