Saturday, January 30, 2010

style me: shades of blue and grey

vince over=sized plaid shirt
helmut lang leather insert leggings
alexander wang donna hobo bag
doc marten boots
kenneth jay lane cocktail rings

Friday, January 29, 2010

new shoes for the new year

gray studded dolce vita heels
blue platform balenciaga heels
ashish for topshop leopard wedges

dorothea barth jorgensen in morning beauty

source: fashion gone rogue

These shots are inspiring me on so many different levels right now. Dorothea looks amazing, totally feeling the black and white, loving how each of the photos are framed, and wishing I owned each of these outfits. This is the first editorial that I've been really into in a while!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

over the taupe

DISCLAIMER: I feel like a serious fashion victim admitting to following a trend!
source: whowhatweardaily

After seeing WWWD's post on taupe nails, I decided to try it out. I typically go for dark colors -- think black, deep blues, and almost black purples. So even though it felt like I was stepping out of the box juuust a bit, it was still in line with my need to not clash with what I'm wearing. I tried on OPI's Over The Taupe, pictured below, and have surprisingly gotten a ton of compliments so far! For now, I'm happy with the change, but I'm not sure this is a trend I'll feel the need to repeat. What do you all think?

style spotting: tattoos

source: caroline's mode

I am all for tattoos when they are tasteful and fashionable! Freja's float is really beautiful. What are some of your favorite model/celeb tattoos?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

favorite magazine cover of all time

source: google images

Harper's Bazaar, April 1965. Jean Shrimpton was such an incredible model. Did any of you go to the Model As Muse exhibit at the Met over the summer? It was amaazzzzinnnggg! Super inspiring, really made me miss the models from the 60's, 70's, and 80's.

that classic red lip

source: trop belle

And dress, and nails. They are too cute, really.

obsession du jour: YSL arty metal ring

source: google images

Wants it. Needs it. Gotsta have it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

how to wear khaki

source: garance doré

Exhibit A-Z. Ania is owning this look.

"why i hate fashion" | the ultimate rebuttal

source: google images

If you've never heard of the 13-year old blogging sensation Tavi, or if you've never read her blog Style Rookie, then you've yet to experience fashion blogging at its absolute finest. Since I first heard about her a year ago I've been following her blog with daily anticipation, sitting on the edge of my seat taking in the witty roller-coaster of each post. Yes, I suggest reading back through her last however many posts you can manage to read in one sitting. Yes, I urge you to truly contemplate her fashion choices (ie the photo above, taken by an editor of Tavi's hat at the Christian Dior show). But the reason I am posting about her today is because of her fantastic rebuttal to Tanya Gold's article entitled "Why I Hate Fashion". Whether you can't live without fashion, couldn't care less about what you put on before you walk out the door, or simply can't stand the hype around models/designer runway shows, read Tavi's post!!! She suggests that you first read Ms. Gold's article before reading her post, advice well-received. Click here for the direct link to the post, which also shows the 238 comments she has already acquired in support of her argument.

You go, girl.

style spotting: imogen morris-clarke

source: altamira nyc

This outfit is right up my alley. Sheer top over layered blacks and bedhead hair looks put together in a sort of effortless manner. And the necklace is, well, perfect! What's not to love here?

Friday, January 22, 2010

obsession du jour: comfortable style

source: cobrasnake

The battle between style and comfort is vicious and never-ending. However, these two have certainly figured out how to compromise.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

abbey lee | the boho girl

source: stockholmstreetstyle

Abbey Lee can pull off so many different styles: preppy, rocker, grunge, and ethereal to name a few. Though I am really starting to think that the bohemian look suits her best. It's vintage, it's unique, and I'm a sucker for neutrals paired with unexpected bursts of color. Loving this ensemble!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

erin wasson | triple threat

source: studded hearts

I love this shot of Erin because it portrays her as the ultimate triple threat. She is a great model and is always dressed like one. Her grungy-chic flair is my every day inspiration. She's also an incredible designer, where everything she designs emulates her own personal style from rocker jewelry down to simple tees. But this photo captures what I think Erin does best: styling. On a b&w photo shoot with her for ELLE, I learned that she has an amazingly talented eye for combining patterns and textures. And here she is adding a creative final touch to complete this look.

Okay I need to start paying attention in French now. Apparently all his funny jokes are going right over my head.

style me: alice in wonderland

elizabeth and james laurent shirt
j brand jeans
forever 21 headband
opening ceremony shoes
urban outfitters clock neckalce
polyvore tea ring

UPDATE: I discovered this color a few days too late! Mad as a Hatter by OPI. Dope!

Friday, January 15, 2010

obsession du jour: adorned gloves

source: jak & jil

As per my typical rocker style, I can't get enough of adorned gloves. Combine leather (short, arm-length, fingerless, whatever!) with studs, chains, grommets, you name it--and I'm instantly envious. And (correct me if I'm wrong) I'm 99% sure these are Chanel. Can you say ak yah?!

zac posen for target

So far I'm most excited about these looks. Click on to see the rest of the collection!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

style spotting: faux fur

source: le blog de betty

I love everything about this Yohji Yamamoto leopard coat - color, style, and length. Plus check out those jeans and the studded booties! This is my dream everyday ensemble. Now if only I can get my hands on that coat...

UPDATE: For anyone that was wondering, the jeans are from Urban. I'm not sure how long ago they put them out though, but I'm definitely checking out the stores near me!

Monday, January 4, 2010

d is for dree

source: jak & jil

That necklace is so simple, so precious! It would be the perfect layering addition to my other gold ones. Does anyone know who makes it? I've been Google searching but failing quite miserably.
I'll be in Miami Beach for the next week, most likely without internet access. Which means no posting again for yet some time. Boooo. Praying for beaucoup de soleil, I'd love to get just the tiniest bit of bronzing in before it's back to 0 degree weather. Yikes! Outfit posts with new Christmas loot to come once I'm back in the oh so chilly PHL. À tout!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

bette franke in morning beauty

source: fashion gone rogue