Tuesday, March 30, 2010

chanel tattoos in all their glory

So here they are, my beloved Chanel tattoos. I've had these on for over a week and they are just starting to fade now. Don't you worry, I showered every day. They are persistent - A++ for quality! I wanted to do the post after wearing them for a while to gauge both mine and others' reactions. Almost everyone thinks they are real at first (score!). I've found that I've been wearing much less jewelry (think bracelets and rings) and instead have been donning my Chanel necklace to match. This is three tattoos in one - two chain bracelets and one charm. Thanks to my awesome roommate for her skills from babysitting years in helping get these on, though we ruined a few others in the process (booo). I'm excited to try the others now! I'm thinking feet for the flower ones once it gets nice enough for sandals. Thoughts? Hate it, love it?

EDIT: I bought the tattoos from the Chanel website!


mom & son said...

Love the Chanel tattoo!
This is what I want...just a fake tattoo because
I am scared of needle!


pilcuis said...

I like your tattoos i want to buy them :P


caroline duke said...

ok this is awesome.
i just found your blog while looking for freja's neck tattoo and now i might be in love with your blog. JUST SAYING.

Audra said...

AHHH! shoutout! think it might be time to try another one? you know i love giving temporary tattoos. especially when theyre so baller.lovemesomechanel.

<3<3<3, roomie