Wednesday, February 3, 2010

gossip girl | cast style

source: tfs

On-screen and off-screen, Gossip Girl cast members are always dressed impeccably. The show's Costume Designer/Stylist, Eric Daman, is who I aspire to be going into the fashion world. His work is amazingly innovative -- I think it's the reason the show has become so popular and why these actors have turned into style icons.


jasmine said...

I so adore Leighton's look, those shoes are divine. And Chace is always nice to look at ;)

Silje Kae said...

I love Taylors bag <3

la-mode-et-les-cigarettes said...

i really don't like the story line in gossip girl, i thought that it's so childish, but i watch it anyways, because the clothes are incredible! who cares about the story line if it's pretty much a on going and amazing fashion show lol

lauren lanza osias said...

eh? i've never seen an episode and while i think leighton meester is a tremendous dresser on the red carpet, she seems quite fearless...that thing at the top, momson is trash...i'm sorry, but she is the kind of young hollywood i could do without, when asked about the tragedy in haiti she said, "she's not really thinking about that now, she's focusing on her music" uh...yeah, i don't care if she wears all of my dream pieces off the runway...she's trash. wow, i got very passionate about that :)

M. and O. said...

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Nata Amores said...

Especially Chace Crawford, what a brooding scrumptious boy!

And Leighton Meester is gorgeous, as is Taylor Momsen.
I just ordered the second season of GG, and will no doubt devour it as soon as I get it in the mail!

Georgia said...

cute, ah i'm in love with nate!