Friday, February 19, 2010

beautiful blogger award!

 Thank you so much to Jessi of JFD for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I am passing this on to 7 other beautiful bloggers, and I'm also supposed to give 7 interesting facts about myself. Here goes!
1) I have been dancing all my life, I can't live without it. I'm on a hip hop dance team at my college.
2) My interest in fashion came about when I was a senior in high school! I know, late bloomer. I never had the super fashionable mom or grandmother who piqued my interest, I sort of discovered it on my own.
3) Two summers ago when I was in LA I styled a photo shoot for Life & Style Magazine that was filmed by Extra TV. A few weeks later the shoot was aired when I was in a nail salon, which was prettyyyy cool :)
4) I am obsédé with everything French. The language, cuisine, music, and movies -- I can't get enough!
5) I have a (relatively) secret love for baking. Cupcakes and truffles are my fave to make, but I'll pretty much try anything.
6) Despite my obsession with heels, you can almost always find me in my black Chuck Taylors. Girls take note: I wore them out last night with an American Apparel body-con dress and I had at least 15 guys hit on me just to talk about how cool it was that I was wearing Chucks. Maybe next time you'll rethink those heels!
7) I have one brown eye and one blue eye, and the top of the brown one is partially blue (see terribly ridiculous picture below).
Passing the Beautiful Blogger Award on to:
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As always, check out these amazing blogs as well as Jessi's blog!

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livelaughbreathe said...

omg your eyes are amazing.
thanks for sharing your 7 facts.

Tali. said...

aw congrats what a cute award


Posh said...

Congratulations with your award, nice post!