Thursday, January 28, 2010

over the taupe

DISCLAIMER: I feel like a serious fashion victim admitting to following a trend!
source: whowhatweardaily

After seeing WWWD's post on taupe nails, I decided to try it out. I typically go for dark colors -- think black, deep blues, and almost black purples. So even though it felt like I was stepping out of the box juuust a bit, it was still in line with my need to not clash with what I'm wearing. I tried on OPI's Over The Taupe, pictured below, and have surprisingly gotten a ton of compliments so far! For now, I'm happy with the change, but I'm not sure this is a trend I'll feel the need to repeat. What do you all think?


mom & son said...

cute photo collage, sweetie.
i love your nail polish too!

p.s thanks for the comment. would you like
to exchange links. please let me know then.

pilcuis said...

i love that color I think i will get one soon!!

Paula Macarena said...

omg i loved her nail polish color!

Marla Singer said...

aaahhhh super gorgeous color <333

Jodibebe said...

thanks for visiting!

love the nail polish! i've been wanting to get it, it looks great on u

really like ur blog too! Added u to my fav blog list! hope u can do the same :)

Marz said...

I love your blog!
Your nails look so chic, I want to try out the taupe nail trend as well, but I'm just afraid it will leave me looking washed out!

ps, I have a giveaway on my blog open to Canadian and US residents, so come check it out!


thatsorad said...

Yeah, I love that color. Esp with something dramatic :)

bijoubijou said...

love that nail color...and that bracelet!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely comment.

I love neutral nails, I have taupe, beige, beige pink, beige pink, purple taupe, I could go on for ages, it's magnificent!


michelle_ said...

nice collage ! i actually just bought myself some taupe polish from OPI.. heheeee

t h a n k s . for your c o m m e n t s
hugs & kisses from

Joanna M said...

omg i can't believe i just found your blog! soo good!
love the OPI nail polish!


Fashion Tidbits said...

the colour looks much better on the fingers than in the bottle, i must admit

jasmine said...

I love that nail color so much, it's lovely. I admit to wanting to buy some taupe nail polish after seeing the WWWD feature, too!

In Honor Of Design said...

I am loving these shades. Its a year round color too!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Is This Real Life? said...

love that nail colour it looks really pretty, you have a really awesome blog too!

Anonymous said...

nail polish is always so dependent on a person's colouring, I feel, but taupe is a go-er for anyone with the right complexion. i like it.
personally i stick with matte nude: my fair skin and reddish hair make it the only real option for a problem-free polish to match anything.

CRISTA said...

i have been looking for the perfect shade of taupe and i have failed countless times. definitely writing that one down and looking for it today!

MissB2U said...

I actually had my nails that color a few months ago and loved it! It gives you a fresh feeling and look.