Saturday, December 5, 2009

ode to iris barrel apfel

source: google images

Ode to Iris, with the awesome round glasses--
You are an inspiration to the fashion blogger masses.
We're obsessed with your husband (he is so freaking cute)!
Your outfits are crazy but you've got style, I won't dispute.
Only you could pull off the hippo necklace, it's oh-so-sassy,
And did I mention I love your designs? They're incredibly classy.
So in summation I just have one little question:
Pleeaasseee be my grandma? Just a suggestion!


audra said...

ohmygod. how have i never heard of her before?! iris barrel apfel, im obsessed.

Treva said...

cute blog.

Wendy said...

She's sporting some seriously cool accessories there! :) xx