Monday, October 5, 2009

emanuel ungaro s/s 2010, enter lohan

Emanuel Ungaro sent his first collection down the runway with Lindsay Lohan as 'artistic advisor'. Overall, the collection reflected Lohan's personal taste (think leggings and mini-skirts), but was done with a sophisticated touch. What did catch my eye were the heart-shaped pasties worn by several of the models instead of bras or even shirts.

I was given a pair of heart shaped pasties free from work several years back and still haven't found the occasion to wear them, even under actual clothing. Perhaps this kind of trend can only be pulled off on a Lohan inspired runway, or if you're a celeb aiming for some serious shock factor.

Lil Kim, 1999 MTV VMAs

Rihanna, Tao Las Vegas 2009

Pink, 2009 MTV VMA Performance

Is it just me or do you have to go by first name only to rock this look?


Strutt said...

nipppleeeees haha!!!
i think Lady GaGa did it the best!

Ashley said...

Haha apparently so! I like Rihanna's take on it.
ps- EG did itself a complete disfavor in firing Esteban...I didn't like the collection at all.

Anonymous said...

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